Strathclyde University and Associates News: Honorary degrees for eminent trio on University Day

A top businessman, a renowned chemistry professor and a former Moderator of the Basic Assembly of the Church of Scotland have been the distinguished recipients of honorary degrees from Strathclyde this week.

Jim McColl OBE, Chairman and Chief Executive of business enterprise development organization Clyde Blowers, James Gimzewski, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the Very Rev David Lunan, who served as Kirk Moderator in 2008-9, received their doctorates in a ceremony at the University’s Barony Hall on Wednesday, 5 Might, as aspect of University Day celebrations.

The awards were created in recognition of their outstanding service in, and contributions to, their respective spheres.

Strathclyde Principal Professor Jim McDonald said: “It is a pleasure to award honorary degrees to such eminent figures. The depth of their knowledge and expertise reflects the ethos of Strathclyde as a university with impact in education, analysis, industry and public life. “Our honorary graduates are at the forefront of the fields they perform in and we are proud to welcome them to Strathclyde.”

Mr McColl graduated from Strathclyde in 1978 with an Honours degree in Technology and Business enterprise Studies. He went on to work with Weir Pumps, though studying portion-time for an MBA at Strathclyde. He later took up a senior management position with Diamond Power Speciality Limited and studied part-time for a Masters in International Accounting and Finance.

Mr McColl joined Coopers and Lybrand as a senior consultant in 1985 and went on to acquire 29.9% of Clyde Blowers plc. The corporation now has 55% of the globe market in its original item line, as properly as expanding into other growth engineering sectors. It has a portfolio of 83 businesses in 27 countries, employing a total of five,000 individuals.

Professor Gimzewski gained a BSc and a PhD in the Division of Pure and Applied Chemistry from Strathclyde and has gone on to become an internationally-recognised pioneer in the field of nanotechnology. He spent 18 years at international technologies firm IBM’s Zurich investigation laboratory and there designed what is officially recognised as the world’s smallest calculator.

Right after joining UCLA, Professor Gimzewski developed the use of scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) in the imaging of molecules and his team has utilized the strategy to recognize cancerous cells in individuals with lung, breast and pancreatic cancers. He is also involved in a series of collaborative projects among art and science which have been exhibited in museums across the globe, with the aim of making scientific insights accessible to non-scientific audiences.

Professor Gimzewski is a Fellow of the Royal Society and the Carnegie Centenary Professor in the Division of Physics at Strathclyde. Mr Lunan studied at the University of Glasgow and took up his 1st assistant ministry in the Calton location of Glasgow. He served as Minister of St Andrews Lhandbryde Parish Church for 12 years from 1975 and was Moderator of the Presbytery of Moray in 1985-six.

How To Start A Purse Party Company – Your Guide To Results

Beginning a purse party consulting company is a seriously exciting, creative and thrilling way to make an revenue operating from house. As opposed to lots of other home celebration corporations (like Tupperware for instance) which have fixed catalogs of merchanidse that you are forced to select from, purse parties are a substantially much more flexible organization model considering the fact that the purse celebration consultant has the luxury of deciding the sorts of purses, handbags and accessories that she wishes to sell at the party depending on her personal personal tastes and the preferences of the guests who will be attending.

In this write-up, we’ll introduce you briefly to some of the keys to finding a successful purse celebration business enterprise off the ground.

Fully realize Your Clientèle

The purses supplied via a designer purse celebration enterprise can be designer bags, look-alike designer purses, or brand name and style purses and handbags. Precisely what handbags you promote at your purse celebration organization will be determined by who is attending. Knowing your guests and their preferences prior to hand will guarantee that you have the suitable varieties of merchandise readily available at your celebration.

Obtaining Reliable Distributors

A essential element in generating a flourishing household designer purse celebration small business is choosing strong suppliers. To make certain a broad adequate variety of merchandise, you’ll want to ensure that your supplier(s) has the following bases covered:

* Designer handbags

* Reproduction designer purses and handbags

* Brand name purses

* Trendy purses and handbags

The proper merchandise suppliers are crucial to your residence purse party business enterprise. Consumers pre-spend for their purchases so you need to pick vendors who provide on time.


One of the factors that is specifically good about starting a purse party business enterprise is that your initial investment can be incredibly low and you can construct your inventory as your organization gets bigger. Having even a small provide of hands-on sample purses with you at your initial purse party will get your guests engaged and excited about your merchandise and permit you to make sales.

Guest Invitations

To get started, you’ll host the 1st purse party yourself. Invite acquaintances, coworkers, other folks who live nearby and household. If you know a quantity of people, you can also host more than one particular party as little, far more intimate purse parties normally perform the greatest.

How to Plan Your Purse Party

To make sure that your initially purse party is a accomplishment, you are going to want to make a brief list of issues to do. This checklist will develop as your organization starts to thrive and you uncover what performs out best for you. At a minimum, your initially to do list need to cover off the following things:

* Mailing out invitations collectively with a quick explanation of what a purse party includes and a price range for the merchandise.

* Meals – Plan uncomplicated finger foods together with some beverages like red and white wine to liven up the celebration.

* Games and Prizes – Games will contribute to the party atmosphere of the occasion though obtaining a door or raffle prize will keep persons interested in your merchandise and increase your general sales!

Solution Presentation

A skilled and tasteful show of the purses you have to supply will usually make a very good initial impression as guests come in. You ought to get to the event at a minimum thirty minutes ahead of invitees to set up your display which should really include things like sales leaflets, catalogs and other promotional items. Find the display table on one side of the room with sufficient space for people to gather about and look at the purses. Bring a table cloth and probably a plant or two for a a lot more appealing presentation. Be positive to contain a business enterprise card holder collectively with your company cards so guests can easily pass your reputation to other folks.

Growing a Lucrative Enterprise

The foregoing guidelines will make certain that your initial couple of purse parties are a excellent results and will eventually lead to requests for your solutions and referrals from others in attendance. Coupled with other one of a kind and revolutionary advertising and marketing tactics that you can conveniently implement, you should encounter wonderful possibilities to develop and expand your business quickly.

Augmented Reality: Future Tech or Old Tech News?

Google Glass has truly produced the tech news across the webosphere light up like wild fire. Augmented reality is the subsequent significant factor and future tech is seeking rather interesting.

Google has been finding into headlines of technology news over the past year for their revolutionary Google Glass technology. I’ve heard some men and women refer to Glass as a virtual reality device, but in reality it falls into what we call, augmented reality. The essential distinction in between VR and AR is that when virtual reality put you into an completely simulated globe, AR merely creates a way for you to practical experience the actual globe with computer generates alterations to its components.

Is Google Glass truly the future tech they’ve been touting it as even though? Most people appear unaware that we’ve been employing AR for years now, and it did not seem like breaking tech news till Google began playing with it. We’re already in an age where maps can function with your phone show and camera to give you a line to stick to although walking. Heck, even the Wii, Kinect, and Playstation Move, count as AR and nobody appears overly impressed by them either. It doesn’t seem a lot like future technology now, does it?

CrowdOptic hasn’t made substantially technologies news, but developed a distinctive ability with AR. With CrowdOptic on your phone it collects metadata from all of the phones in your area. From that it figures out what region are the most active, and where individuals are pointing their smartphone camera. If that doesn’t seem like future tech, then I’ll give you an instance. You are at a sporting event and determine to take out your phone for a few pictures. Crowd Optic can inform you if anyone you’re facebook close friends with is at the identical occasion with you, where most persons are pointing their cameras, and connect you to the reside commentary of the occasion. They have even designed a new occasion known as the Virtual Gallery that really should be in tech news. In the Virtual Gallery it knows exactly where you’re pointing your camera, when pointed to the correct area a operate of art will be displayed. It is like becoming in an art gallery, with out obtaining to actually do something.

As you can see, augmented reality possibly shouldn’t truly be breaking tech news headlines. It is been about, I know, you know, and it was even in a phone industrial. You know the 1 where the guy points his phone at a neighborhood restaurant and reviews his good friends have left pop up. Yep, that’s more augmented reality stuff. Do not get me incorrect, there are a lot of cool issues to be accomplished with AR in future technology. These just aren’t ever going to be as exceptional as I really feel persons expect AR to be. Cool? Positive. AR Tower Defense lets you produce your personal map then overlays the game into it. That is cool, not worth a tech news headline, but cool.

Google Glass has essentially just shoved a couple of standard smartphone functions in a pair of glasses. I don’t know if I’d even want a bunch of stuff displayed in my glasses while I’m trying to live my life. It sounds sort of annoying to be honest. But, maybe I am incorrect, maybe AR’s future tech will be dominated future technology news and I’ll look like a fool, but I doubt it.